A little about me…



Meet the Photographer

Hello! Thanks for visiting my site.  Before I get to know you, maybe you

would like to know a little about me.  Photography is more than a job

for me, its a love, a way of life, necessary even.  If I were to win the lottery, I would still be a photographer.

I  started my business in 2008 as a part-time photographer and full time accountant, wife and mother of two.  Every year

growing, learning, excelling. With much support of my husband, I took a Leap of Faith in the

summer of 2013 and pursued my full time career as a photographer.  In October 2014, we opened

the doors to my photography studio.  My “boutique style” studio is located in Historic Downtown Rocky Mt, VA.

75% of my sessions are on location, I prefer outdoor shoots, but growing to love the studio too.

I offer crisp color/bw photos, as well as a “vintage/romantic style” with the look of a matte finish.

My love after Photography (oh and Photoshop /Design) is anything crafty, I will DIY anything.

My two beautiful girls still remain my favorite models.  During our photo session we will

smile, laugh, (maybe cry) capture memories and most of all….have fun.

I truly believe every photograph has a story to tell, thanks for sharing your story with me.

Lesley S. Wray

Owner/Photographer/Member of VPPA and PPA